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About Clitherall Lake

Clitherall Lake is a beautiful sky blue lake consisting of 2524 acres of clean clear water. Right up until freezing it maintains a clarity depth of at least 12 feet. The bottom is made up of 60% sand and 30% gravel/rubble stone. The marine life is excellent with walleyes, northern, large and small mouth bass and an abundance of pan fish.
Minnesota has rated this lake among its top 100 walleye lakes, but in recent years bass fishing has become the favorite. We have lake maps available for the asking at no cost.
About Old Town Resort

In the middle 1800's a break away group from the Mormon Church known as the Cutlerites settled along the shores of Clitherall Lake and established the first permanent white settlement in Otter Tail County. They named their town after the lake they were on. Later when the railroad came through the area the town was moved about two miles away to better access this new form of transportation. The old town became known as Old Clitherall and slowly died.
In the 1930's the property was bought by the Lord family of Breckenridge, Minnesota as a summer retreat for a sick child. The child was never sick again.
In the early forties, several cabins were built and it was opened as a resort for summer recreation. Ione Lord Nelson, the sick child, owned it until 1974 when she sold it to the Huber family.
The Plantin/Blaskowski family bought it in 1985 and have served the public here ever since. Cabin seven was the school house and was the first school house in the county, district number one. It was east of the resort and moved along the shore in the 1950's. The church building still stands on the property east of the resort and is cared for by the descendants of those first settlers.